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Long blonde hair
Blue eyes
Fair skin - tans easily  
 5'3" - 120 lbs (athletic)
Size 4 - dress size
Size 8 - shoe size

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Do you remember the last time you saw a beautiful woman walking down the street and looked at her twice?  Of course you have, but have you had one that lingered in your mind for days on end...fantasizing  about what it would be like to be with her...and wishing you had the courage to go to her and ask her name.  In walks Kimberly  Bently.  A beautiful woman with long, luxurious natural blonde hair, sparkling  blue eyes with a mischevious twinkle and a petite all-natural hourglass body.   A woman who grew up a tomboy in the northwest spending all of her time outdoors rain or shine, never stopping for a minute to take a break because she has had a love for life since the day she was born.  Having spent her young adulthood traveling around the world and across the U.S. she carried that love of life in her adventures where she was detained in Poland by the polizei, escorted through Turkey by an armed guard, and had a sheik place bets on her numbers for a roulette game in Monac0...the winner...well, the rest of that story is for another time. ;-)

* * *

 When she opens the door you will realize that you are in for a very unique and special encounter.  A man who is searching for intimacy and friendship during a perfect brief encounter where the parameters are set by you.  Maybe you have lost intimacy in a relationship and wish to reconnect with a wonderful lady who appreciates what you have to offer or maybe you are so busy working and traveling that you just don't have time to forge a realtionship with the type of zeal and perfection that you require in other aspects of your life.  You have then chosen toFaceBook_09_1-1-1-1[1] spend your rare free time with an exquisite woman who will truly appreciate you for who you are and what you have to offer.  The first thing you may notice when the door is open is that you are pleasantly surprised that the woman in the pictures is actually the woman who answers the door.  Many of her clients have commented that her pictures finally represent the true beauty that she is.  You will be greeted by the friendliest hello you have ever received and a huge hug followed by a sweet kiss that lets you know things to come will be better than you had ever envisioned.

* * *

Sitting down to a glass of wine or bottled water the conversation will revolve around mutual interests or amusing stories that she has collected through her travels and life, interjected with excerpts from your own life and you will find yourself completely at ease as her infectious laughter and beautiful smile carry you away.  You have then discovered that her manner of speech only soldifies what you suspected:  that she is highly educated and well-spoken.  Then  as she slowly moves over to kiss you that's when you realize that just being with her is completely intoxicating.  The experience continues to gain momentum until you end exhausted in each other's arms...As the encounter draws to a close you discover that you have reached complete nirvana and are anxiously planning your next encounter.   You are then left with a slow, sensual kiss and a sweet good-bye.  When the door closes you immediately wonder if it was a dream or does such perfection exist.  Of course your experience does not end there as memories of her will linger throughout a lifetime.

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