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Please place the cash donation, in an envelope on the bathroom vanity in your hotel before I arrive and I will take care of it when the time is appropriate.  If you have chosen to meet me in my hotel then please place the donation immediately upon your arrival.  I would ask that you do not mention  services or the donation as it ruins the mood that I have worked so hard to create.

The following donations are for common engagements.  If you wish to entertain a longer engagement please email me to discuss an inclusive donation for your request.


Sterling Silver = 1 Hour                                    $275
Returning Clients w/i 6 mths                           $250

24K Gold = 2 Hours + Wine                           $500 

Perfectly Platinum = 3Hours + Dessert            $600
This is a Dinner Date!  2 hrs. of play + 1 hr outside  the room for dinner.


Rest assured that no matter what engagement you chose it will be perfect bliss!

 **Please Note**  I'm unable to accommodate last minute appointments. :(  In addition you will be screened.  If you are not comfortable with this process then there are others who will see you without this essential step.

 "There is not much more that I can say or add about this intoxicating woman. Kimberly has the body of a Jaguar, a sex drive of a Ferrari and the bedroom demeanor of a Maserati.

Kimberly is only one of the few ladies that I have seen more than once. As a companion, Kimberly is redefining the meaning of a "courtesan". She is beautiful, she is smart, she is naughty, she is sexy, she is sensual, she cares about your pleasures and she can discover your needs, your wants and desires just by looking at you.

Kimberly will boost your sensual pleasures, she will enhance your erotic emotional satisfaction. When you are with her, Mind-blowing, earth shattering events shall materialize!

Side Effects: You heart will beat faster, You will discover new sensations, gf/wife will be forgotten, you will have trouble forgetting about your time with Kimberly, you will be Happy, Blissful (mentally and physically), You WILL have thoughts about seeing her again and again!"
                                                  ~ Adonis

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