Queen of the Blow Jobs or otherwise known as a Delightfully Epicurean Woman!

Yes, yes I understand that I have not be crowned Queen of the Blow Jobs, however I must admit that they are pretty damn good.  Now when I think of this title I flash back to an old movie with Raquel Welch possibly and silver lame’  jump suits that they show on Encore, where a world of Amazonian female perfection with breasts hanging out instead you will find that I am a petite woman with an extraordinary skill.  The perfect blow job cums (yes, pun intended) from the fact that I truly enjoy it and love the feeling of satisfaction that arises from the teasing and playing…very erotic.

Now why have I decided to crown myself Queen?  Simply because there is a resounding “OMG” each and every time someone visits me and they have the opportunity to partake in my skills for themselves.  So how do I manage to do accomplish this? I will go in to some detail and explain that everyone can actually accomplish what I do as long as they enjoy sex as much as I do.

1.  Sexy and flirtatious play before the clothes even come off:   Yes, yes teasing, laughing and then slow, sensual kissing before the clothes even come off only increases anticipation.  Lightly brushing up against each other while our clothes are on is a tease in itself and a precursor to what may or may not happen.

2.  I slowly undress my man.  The shoes always need to come off first because they only get in the way once the undressing begins.  Taking off his shirt where I then kiss slowly down the neck, flicking the nipples with your tongue while unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants will quickly have his cock throbbing.  Removing his pants by slowly moving down with them and brushing his cock with your tongue on the way down.  Then I remove his shorts completely.

3.  Now that everything is out in the open I find it to be the perfect time to remove my dress, over my head while displaying my sexy lingerie and cute ass for him to get a preview of.  I always leave on the heels as it is a sexy, little twist that men find erotic.  By bending down to my knees it is the perfect angle to slowly lick the boys while playing with the skin right below them.  I never rush to shove the cock in my mouth as the anticipation will increase pleasure immeasurably.

4.  I then move to the cock where it  is always at full attention by this time.  Slowly flick your tongue up and down the shaft of the cock.  The top is the most sensitive so I always delay until the man is virtually at his knees before playing with just the top, again moving my tongue back and forth where the top of the cock meets the shaft before sucking the top of the cock in to my mouth.

5.  Saliva and lots of it is extremely important.  At times I also use ice cubes or mints to add different sensations and increase my saliva.

6.  The next part is my second favorite part of the entire adventure!  Slowly suck, in and out, while alternating with licking up and down, inevitably the man’s knees will go weak and will need to lay down.  When he has I move up and down his body again kissing and playing with his mouth, neck, and nipples before moving down to the star of the show.  This is when I finish undressing slowly.  I then return to his cock where I continue slowly bringing it in and out of my mouth until he begs to cum.  A gentle tap on my shoulder lets me know that he is ready and I ensure that it is deep within my throat as I swallow.

7.  I then continue to suck and lick until he is finished, where I will remove my luscious lips and continue to play for a bit with my hand.


If you have not had the opportunity to partake in the delights of my tongue then I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible so you can give yourself an early Christmas present this year!  I will even wear a bow that you can untie!